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Mineral Fiber Tiles

Mineral Fiber Tiles

We are reckoned as a reputed Importer and Supplier of Mineral Fiber Tiles in Delhi, India. Owing to its properties to provide acoustical ceiling, our Fiber Tiles are designed for absorbing excess sounds and bringing reduction in the generated noise levels. The Tiles come with random perforations due to which they bestow flawless contemporary look. Our Fiber Tiles have excellent thermal and sound absorption qualities and are highly suitable for use in all interior areas. Easy to maintain, they are widely used for stores, mall, hotels, etc.

Details :

  • Perlite : Use the expanded perlite with the function of fire insulation.
  • High Quality mineral wool : Add high quality slag as raw material, the mineral wool refined into filamentous.
  • Re inorganic composite material : Support with Re-Inorganic composite materials.
  • Nano antibacterial Agent : With Nano technology, it may infiltrate into all mineral wool and achieve the full antibacterial and mildew proof role.
  • Damp-Proof treatment : Combined the damp-proof and damp-proof supporting agents, use complimentary control of new concept.
  • Damp-Proof Base : Using double-side polyurethane.
  • Surface Coating : Using quality vinyl mildew-proof on the surface coating and with the role of antioxidant attaching to stability, mildew proof. Adding fire-retardant substances to the coating effectively prevents the spread of the fire so it greatly enhances the fireproof properties of the mineral wool boards.